Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, Sweden (LTU) – (Coordinating Institution)

The research at Luleå University of Technology ( is organized in strong interdisciplinary research areas and in close cooperation with industry and society. Research at LTU has an annual turnover of 80 million EUR and comprises 70 research subjects. 19.000 students are enrolled in the different programs at LTU.

The research subject: Steel Structures
Steel structures is concerned with the innovative design of steel and composite structures as well as their structural engineering, and contributes to the continual improvement of standards and regulations. 

The subject area focuses on the load carrying capacity of structures at different loads and temperatures, and the fire spread within buildings and construction safety. Current projects include the construction of towers for wind turbines and supporting structures for other renewable energy innovations, concept development for industrialized building construction with intensive use of steel bridges with integral abutment, structures exposed to fire, structures and rules for high strength steels. The research is based largely on numerical simulation and experimental verification. The research team has actively participated in the development of common European design rules in Eurocode 3-1-5 and 3-1-12 Eurocode. The research group is attached to the Centre for High Performance Steel at the university supported by EU regional funds and stakeholders.

Steel Structures is part of the Division of Structural and Construction Engineering, which brings together about 40 employees, including seven professors. Steel Structures includes six senior researchers and 6-8 doctoral students, and 4-6 industrial doctoral students.

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