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Ali Hussain
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Bachelors in Mathematics and Computing, Ali Kadar obtained his M.Sc in Applied Mathematics  in August 2015 at the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

He joined as an ESR in October 2015 in the Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) team at Siemens. His research focuses on the development of efficient numerical methods to predict the aeroacoustic behavior of wind turbines. As an alternative to the popular hybrid methods for predicting aeroacoustic noise based on unsteady CFD data, the researcher will explore different techniques based on stochastic reconstruction and statistical models for airfoil noise. The source models combined with in-house acoustic models will be used to compute the noise propagation from wind turbines.

1. Kadar A.H., Martinez-Lera P., Korchagin V., De Roeck W., Desmet W., Stochastic reconstruction of turbulence for trailing-edge noise computation, International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering 2016, Leuven, Belgium. (PUBLISHED)
2. Kadar A.H., Martinez-Lera P., Schram C., De Roeck W., Desmet W., Trailing-edge noise prediction using synthetic turbulence and acoustic perturbation equations in a hybrid methodology, AIAA 2017. (ABSTRACT SUBMITTED)
3. Kadar A.H., Martinez-Lera P., Tournour M., Desmet W., Parametric Study of a Stochastic Method for Trailing-edge Turbulence Generation for Aeroacoustic Applications, Winercost 2017. (WILL BE PRESENTED)

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